Arcade Race Crash


Free Full Version Game for PC

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Game Description:

3D races with powerful weapons. Feel the heat! Your goal is to be the first at the finish. Up to 6 frontal and 6 rear weapons. Buy new weapons. Earn credits by destroying enemies' cars and being the first at the finish!

Game Features:
  • realistic 3D graphic;
  • 3 skill levels (novice, expert, master) for all tastes and ages;
  • 8 cars with realistic system of damages;
  • 8 tracks with to and from directions;
  • 12 types of the weapon;
System Requirements:
  • Desktop or laptop computer. Can any brand like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Gateway or compatible. Pentium or Core 2 Duo Processor. XP, Vista or Windows 7 Operating system.
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